BLOG -Summer 2018

Caving, Shalva, and Kever Rachel!

 “Today, Wednesday August 1, is my birthday,” says Sophie Chervitz. “It was so fun to celebrate with all of my new give family, and it will truly be a birthday to remember forever. Other than the celebrations, we did three exciting things. First, we went

Fun day in Tel Aviv!

Today was a jam packed fun day!! We began our day by going to a blind factory where people who are blind are employed. There we got to work along side blind individuals in helping them do the things that they were working on. Next

Shuk and Cinema City!

Today we were totally SHUK by the amazing tour we had in Machane Yehuda! We got to learn all about and experience the different cultures within the shuk, while exploring the ins and outs of this beloved location. We even got to try some delicious

Sderot Carnival in Lev!

“What a day, today was on Give Bus 2,” says Nechama Heit, a fabulous Giver. Nechama describes this day on Give by saying, “Waking up early for many people, is difficult; but when you know you’re getting up to do chessed, it makes it so

Welcome Home!

Today we had the privilege of being able to welcome a Nefesh B’nefesh flight. “This flight was not just any group of Olim for me,” says Aliza Warburg, a fellow Giver. “It was such a special Aliyah flight because my grandparents were actually making aliah

What a day!

Zoe Berman, a special Giver from Omaha Nebraska talks about our day saying,”We experienced two organizations that provide employment for those who are not able to get otherwise. One was an organization that provides work for the elderly and one which employed individuals who have


This past week we had Yom NCSY which was absolutely incredible. As our beloved Giver, Nomi Amsel described it, “YOM NCSY is THE biggest event of NCSY summer. From the moment we got there till the moment we left was a time I will never

Chessed filled day!

Today our chessed filled day began with a bus ride to Tel Aviv where we went to SPIVAK which is the Israel sports center for the disabled where we learned about this unbelievable organization. Shimmy, our hilarious and fun guide and coach gave us a

Caving away at Ir David

We were privileged to have Rabbi Felberman come to Give Bus 2 to explain the laws of the nine days and give insight into the different ways we can work to become greater individuals in order to bring mashiach. Our program began with awesome energy

Making our way to Yerushalaim!

We woke up bright and early and began our day with davening and breakfast. We then broke into groups of seven and had chaburahs led by our awesome advisors. Next we loaded the buses and drove to Yerushalaim where we volunteered in an old age