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About The Trip

Chessed filled day!

givebus2 July 17, 2018

Today our chessed filled day began with a bus ride to Tel Aviv where we went to SPIVAK which is the Israel sports center for the disabled where we learned about this unbelievable organization. Shimmy, our hilarious and fun guide and coach gave us a whole new perspective on how disabilities don’t need to be as limiting as we think. He showed us all the special equipment SPIVAK provides in order to make it possible for people with disabilities to feel like anyone else and have fun playing sports like basketball. Coach Shimmy then taught us how to play basketball using the special equipment. We had so much fun racing across the huge gym in special wheelchairs and trying to shoot hoops while doing it. (It was so much harder than it looked.) After that Shimmy told us all about his story and we actually got to watch the Israel famous SPIVAK basketball team practice for their game coming up. We then had lunch in a park in Tel Aviv and then went to Independence Hall, where we learned all about the beginning and the development of the State of Israel. Our exciting day did not end there; we then headed to Save A Child’s Heart where we volunteered with the cutest kids from across the world who are here for proper medical treatment  for a heart transplant. As Ariana Borck, an NCSYer on GIVE said, “Today when we walked into the save a child’s heart building I already new I was going to have the best time ever! Once we started to interact with the children I knew I wanted to do something with kids in the future. Not just that, but I want to specifically do it in Israel because seeing what they do here in save a child’s heart is really so inspiring to me.” We then headed back to Lev Hatorah where we had dinner and an awesome “mystery envelope “ night activity, which was ridiculously fun! Wow what an incredible day it was!