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About The Trip

Fun day in Tel Aviv!

givebus2 July 31, 2018

Today was a jam packed fun day!! We began our day by going to a blind factory where people who are blind are employed. There we got to work along side blind individuals in helping them do the things that they were working on. Next we walked to a park to eat lunch and learn some Torah. Then we drove down to the beautiful beach for a few hours, where we got to play games in the water and just relax. From the beach we headed to HaYarkon park for exciting hot air ballooning and dinner by the sun set! Lastly we went to see a show with actors who are blind, mute, and or deaf. “Hearing their stories and dreams was heart melting,” says Aliza Warburg. “I never really appreciated that I have all five senses so much before in my life! Although these people have these disabilities they do not just sit at home all day, instead they choose to be positive and make others happy! These actors may not have all the abilities we do, but they really taught me what it means to appreciate life and stay positive!”