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About The Trip

Second to last day in IL

givebus2 August 15, 2019

Hi my name is Rena Feldman and I live in Teaneck NJ. Today was our 32nd day on GIVE, but also our second to last day. We started off the day in a museum in Chevron, but it wasn’t an ordinary museum it started out with a really cool ride of the story. Aster that we walk in and out of a few rooms to learn the details of the loosing and reconquering of Chevron. Then we had the best lunch to follow the 9 days, schnitzel!! After our amazing lunch the parents of Hellel, a girl who was stabbed to death 3 years ago, came to speak to us. We got to see their vineyard an winery. Following her parents speaking we went to a dance studio that they made in her memory where we taught/learned a flash mob to perform in Mamila the next day. Our last activity of the day was going to Marat Hamachpela, where we got to daven mincha. When we finally returned to base we had to, very sadly, start packing. Overall the day was a pretty great one!!