Thanks Sderot for all the inspiration!

Hi my name is Leah Perlowitz and I am from Clifton, New Jersey. Today on Give we started down south in Mitzpe Ramon, which is where we were for Shabbat. We went to make a camp for under privileged kids and played a fun and intense game of dodgeball with them. After that we went to a mall to get food and replace all our missing clothing, stocking up for the week. Up next, we went on a enlightening tour of Sderot and learned the danger of living there and the heroic Jews who risk their lives to live there. We saw bomb shelters and learned about the iron dome that has protected so many people. Next we heard from Aharon Karov who told us his story of his time in the IDF and what he sacrificed after fighting bravely in the Gaza strip. After we went to plant flours and paint benches to help brighten up the city of Sderot and create as many smiles as we can. I can’t wait to dive into another week of jammed packed chessed and fun!!