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About The Trip

What An Incredible Day We Had!

givebus2 August 11, 2019

Hey! I’m Yakira Dombeck (15, from Hillside NJ- on GIVE bus 2) and I wanted to share some things we did yesterday!! I personally was very touched by Save a Child’s Heart, our first stop of the day. Waking up at the early hour of six in the morning was definitely worth it. The children there come from all places, specifically Africa and Palestinian territory. The children all needed heart surgeries and SACH has them live in this house for however long is needed so they can get the procedure done with proper care.  Though we couldn’t really communicate through talking, we made friends with a lot of the very cute kids. We then ventured on to the shuk which was really fun (I did spend money- sorry Mom and Abba!) Then lastly, we went to this workshop for disabled people. It was really amazing to see that although they might seemed trapped in their bodies, they were very much ABLE to do lots of things. Each workshop showed us specific things that are hard for the people who are wheelchair-bound and we tried to live like them for that hour. It was really hard and made me super grateful for my healthy working body. Although it seems like these things are very small, they’ll have an impact on me forever and I can’t wait to be able to come back here and revisit my favorite chessed spots again. Shabbat Shalom!