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About The Trip

CoLoR wAr Is HeRe

givebus2 August 8, 2019

My name is edie Berman and I live in highland park New Jersey. Today on GIVE we started our day by going to pantry packers where we helped fill TONS of boxes with food for the less fortunate. It was so incredible because not only were we doing an amazing chessed but we were able to have so much fun doing it. Next, we went to mea shearim where we were able to go into all the stores and check it out. I loved it because I was able to get a gorgeous tehilim with my name engraved in it! Oh and of course kugel! Then, they took us to where we painted last week and made us clean up because it was a mess. JK! COLOR WAR BREAKOUT!!! Color war was awesome even though we were split up into two teams there was still so much achdus and ahava in the air. So all in all, even though it wasn’t the craziest jam packed day it was still an amazing day filled with chessed and fun just like every other day on GIVE.