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About The Trip

Making our way to Yerushalaim!

givebus2 July 12, 2018

We woke up bright and early and began our day with davening and breakfast. We then broke into groups of seven and had chaburahs led by our awesome advisors. Next we loaded the buses and drove to Yerushalaim where we volunteered in an old age home, Idan Hazahav. We sang and danced our hearts away, putting the biggest smiles on everyone’s faces while also having a blast! Our adventure continued when we drove to the Old City where we all got food vouchers to pick from so many different restaurants. Following our delicious lunch we walked down to the Kotel together and had a powerful experience being at the holiest place. We then headed back towards Lev, but first made a pit stop at the coolest mall in Beit Shemesh. When we got back to Lev we played human “guess who” and ate dinner. We then had team building outdoor training (ODT) which was extremely bonding and crazy fun! Can’t believe this was only the first full day!!!!