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About The Trip

Sderot Carnival in Lev!

givebus2 July 30, 2018

“What a day, today was on Give Bus 2,” says Nechama Heit, a fabulous Giver. Nechama describes this day on Give by saying, “Waking up early for many people, is difficult; but when you know you’re getting up to do chessed, it makes it so much easier. Today we prepared a carnival for kids from sderot; kids who live a day to day life in fear of rockets being shot into their community. First off, the preparation was extremely fun and bonding. When the kids arrived, wow, what a scene it was. I cannot even explain in words how amazing the atmosphere was. The Give girls made bridges at the doors of the buses and sang songs and danced in order to give the warmest welcome to each and every kid. After all the insane dancing, everyone made their way into the fun and exciting carnival. From water-fights to face paint, I saw so many kids smiling and laughing along with their new and old friends. Just seeing how much these kids were enjoying themselves made my day. Going crazy during the carnival with all the dancing and singing, I too, along with other givers, was having the best time and really enjoyed myself at the carnival. That is the true definition of giving; giving happily in a way that it effects others as well as yourself.”