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About The Trip

Day 5- What An Eventful Day

givebus2 July 29, 2019

Hi, my name is Daniella Samuels and I’m from Great Neck New York. Today Give’s bus left early in the morning to שמר החדש, where we cut down unnecessary plants in order to prevent forest fires and give the fruit trees a chance to grow. Afterward we drove to seeach sod a special needs school. Us GIVErs did art projects and had a super fun dance party with the students of seeach sod. Next we traveled to OTD, where we did team building exercises. We had the chance to climb a rope ladder, rock climb, walk across a tightrope and ride a zip line. After a great adventure at OTD we headed back to our base in  ירושלים. Once we got back to GIVE’s base we decorated posters for tomorrow’s carnival. It’s only day 5 and I have already seen and experienced so much! I’ve been having an a amazing time on GIVE and I can’t wait for day 6!