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About The Trip

Just Clowning Around

givebus2 July 30, 2019

Hi, my name is Magen Sauer, I am from Memphis, TN. Today all the GIVErs went to a place were they give the elderly jobs so that way they can feel apart of something and feel needed. We got to see the process of how they make all of their hand made crafts. I really loved what they made and I loved the experience. After we went back to our base, where we got into “bowling attire” (shtick) and we we’re taught how to be medical clowns. We learned a bunch of cool tricks like juggling and animal balloon making. After that we went to Zichron Menachem, where we saw how they help kids with cancer and their families. They provide after school programs for both the sick kids and their siblings. They also have wigs made for the kids. After that we then used all of the clowning skills we learned and went to an old age home. We sang, danced with them, and made them laugh. Finally, we went to michlelet to played a basketball game with them. Even though we didn’t end up winning the game, we still had tons of fun!