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About The Trip

Shabbat shallom from the Negev

givebus2 August 6, 2019

Hi, my name is Sarah Andron and I’m from Los Angeles, California. Today, we had a very inspirational day and an amazing way to kickstart our weekend in the Negev. The first stop of the day was Ben Gurion’s house. We watched videos that showed us about his life and what an impact he had on the state of Israel. After the video we got to take a tour of the house and see how even though he could have chosen to live anywhere else in Israel, he chose the middle of the desert. It showed us how modest he was and how he didn’t believe that he needed a big house or a lot of money, he just wanted to live in the place that he loved. After seeing his house, and making a short stop at the grocery store, we arrived at our hotel in mitzpe rimon. The view outside was nothing less than stunning and it was definitely special to be able to do kabalat Shabbat outside with the incredible view behind us. Overall, it was an amazing day in the negev and the best way to start off an incredible shabbos!